Chamblee, GA — Last week, Rep. Lucy McBath (GA-06) toured facilities at the Hermeus factory and test site located in Chamblee. At the test site, McBath learned more about Hermeus’ operations and witnessed a test of the Chimera engine, a full-scale Mach 5 engine which will support hypersonic passenger airline travel, more than twice the speed of the supersonic Concorde plane. During the tour, McBath also discussed Hermeus’ partnership with the federal government, including the Air Force and NASA, which involve the development of technology that will serve critical national security interests at home and abroad.

“I am blown away by the work that is being done at Hermeus,” said McBath. “Our home has become a hub for scientists and innovators who are developing technology that will bring our world closer and make our nation safer. The future is being built right here in Metro Atlanta, with good-paying jobs, investments in our infrastructure, and opportunities for our families to grow and thrive.” 

“It was an honor to host Representative McBath” said Hermeus CEO AJ Piplica. “We greatly appreciated the opportunity to show her how Hermeus is bringing much needed innovation to aviation and high-quality jobs to Atlanta.”

Hermeus is a startup located in Chamblee, Georgia with the long-term vision of transforming the global human transportation network with Mach 5 aircraft. The company estimates that such aircraft have the potential to create an additional four trillion dollars of global economic growth per year.