Washington, D.C. — Last night, Rep. Lucy McBath (GA-06) voted to pass H.R. 1, the For the People Act of 2021. The bill will protect the right to vote, ensure the integrity of our elections as the foundation of our democracy, and strengthen protections so that the voices of every citizen are heard. H.R. 1 includes McBath’s bill, the Election Official Integrity Act, and an amendment she introduced with Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-07) to improve every Americans’ access to the ballot box.

“Throughout her time in Congress, Lucy McBath has been a fierce advocate of holding self-serving politicians accountable and protecting the right to vote,” said ECU // LAV Action Fund President Tiffany Muller. “McBath ran on a platform of cleaning up corruption in Washington and has made good on that promise by passing the For the People Act. We’re grateful for her leadership on passing the For the People Act to make government more transparent and restore faith in our elections.”

McBath’s remarks in support of the bill can be viewed here and a transcript can be found below:


I rise in support of the For the People Act, a bill that is critical to restoring elections as the heart of our democracy.   

The For the People Act includes my bill, the Election Official Integrity Act, which would make it so election officials can’t have a direct stake in the outcome of the election they are overseeing.  Just like it would be wrong to have a player referee a game, it is wrong for election officials to participate in federal campaigns.  

As a representative of the great state of Georgia, I know that our elections are too important and too valuable to the foundation of our democracy to risk even the appearance of impropriety.  The Election Official Integrity Act is a common-sense step toward restoring the American people’s confidence in our electoral process. 

I urge my colleagues to stand with me in supporting H.R. 1 and ensuring our federal election officials work for the people.  Thank you.