Duluth, GA — Today, U.S. Representative Lucy McBath (D-GA) announced that Lawrenceville would receive $7,726,607 in critical infrastructure funding. The money will be used rebuild and repair critical energy infrastructure, protecting constituents and our energy supply, avoiding economic damage, and keeping our environment clean. The five-year program is estimated to create 400 good-paying jobs and reduce 1,000 metric tons of methane emissions.

“We have seen the damage failures of our critical infrastructure can have in our country, and we must work hard to ensure we keep the people of our community safe, our economy growing, and our environment clean,” said McBath.

Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure has been a priority for Rep. McBath and the Biden Administration. With this almost $8 million grant, the city of Lawrenceville can repair, rehabilitate, or replace aging pipeline infrastructure that threatens personal, economic, and environmental safety.