McBath Hosts Parents, Families, and Experts for Webinar on Strategies to Address Recent News with Children

The event included experts in education and psychology, and served as a place to ask questions and receive guidance when discussing recent events and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic with children of all ages.

June 4, 2020

Sandy Springs, GA — On Wednesday evening, Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Marietta) convened parents and families to talk through the challenges mothers and fathers across America are facing: how to care for a family, keep kids healthy, facilitate education from home amidst an ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and address police brutality, racial injustice, and violence across the country with children. Guest experts Dr. Laura Dilly, child and adolescent psychologist and the President of the Georgia Psychological Association; and Erin Chadwick, college counselor and past President of the Georgia Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers provided presentations and answered questions. A recording of the event is available here.

“During this pandemic, family life has drastically changed. Parents and guardians are concerned about the health and safety of their families during this public health crisis while tragic news of violence continues to tear apart our nation. It can all be exhausting, and the hard questions children ask about it all weigh heavy on our shoulders,” said McBath. “Our event was a wonderful, honest place where our community could come together virtually. I reflected on how I raised Jordan, answering his questions at an age-appropriate level and bringing him up to always be kind to others. I hope that every parent in our community knows that they are doing all they can. This is an astonishingly difficult time, and many are finding themselves as full-time employees, full-time teachers, and full-time caregivers. Thank you to our experts for lending their time to find strategies to keep families active, informed, and healthy during this time.” 

The online forum was the latest webinar hosted by McBath, this time directly speaking to parents and guardians of children to answer their questions and discuss strategies for working, educating, and looking after loved ones from home. Previous webinars and remote Town Halls with local experts have focused on small business loans, mental health, caring for veterans with dementia, updates from the Social Security Administration, and developing information on the COVID-19 virus.

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