McBath Votes to Restore and Protect the United States Postal Service

“Protecting the U.S. Postal Service Means Protecting Veterans, Small Businesses, and Health Care.”

August 22, 2020

Washington, DC — Today, Rep. Lucy McBath (GA-06) voted to restore and protect the United States Postal Service (USPS) by passing H.R.8015, the Delivering for America Act, with bipartisan support. McBath is a co-sponsor of the legislation, and had previously met with local USPS officials in Georgia to voice her concern over recent reports of postal delivery delays and changes to the USPS and to reiterate her support for the agency.

“The United States Postal Service is one of America’s oldest and most well-loved institutions. Thanks to the Postal Service, families can send letters and packages to loved ones they have not seen in months, small businesses are able to ship products to their customers, and many veterans and seniors can safely receive lifesaving medications. Protecting the USPS means protecting the essential services it provides our nation,” said McBath. “I have already heard from neighbors who are experiencing significant delays in their mail delivery, and thousands more who fear what these disruptions in postal service would mean for their everyday lives. It means that during a pandemic, a grandparent may miss a letter from their family. It means that a local business may not be able to ship the masks they’re sewing for first responders, and that they may struggle to make a living. It means that a veteran may not receive the insulin they need to survive. Our bill today restores USPS operations and puts strong protections in place to make sure essential services are available to the American people. I will continue to engage with my colleagues in Washington, as well as with our local USPS officials, to ensure these protections are in place. In the meantime, if any Sixth District resident is experiencing postal delivery delays, my office is ready to assist you." 

The vote came soon after initial alarm over delays in mail services and later reports that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy would suspend any further operational changes to the postal service until after the November election.

H.R.8015 prevents changes to USPS operations and levels of service from those which were in place on January 1, 2020 until January 1, 2021. In particular, it prevents any changes that would delay nationwide service or create any restriction, consolidation, or closure of USPS facilities. The legislation also prohibits the removal of any mail collection box currently available to the public. Additionally, H.R. 8015 includes $25 billion in emergency funding requested by the USPS, and supported by the bipartisan Postal Board of Governors, all of whom were appointed by the current administration.

In May, the bipartisan HEROES Act included $25 billion in financial relief for Postal Service employees. In July, McBath also voted in favor of $25 billion in Postal Service funding as part of H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act. The plan would modernize postal infrastructure and operations. Both measures to support USPS operations passed the House this summer and await consideration in the Senate. She recently joined her colleagues to send a letter to Postmaster General DeJoy regarding the proposed changes, and a second letter to Congressional Leadership urging continued support of the USPS and the necessary functions it provides in COVID-19 relief packages.  

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