Washington, DC — This week, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce marked up and voted to approve H.R. 6655, A Stronger Workforce for America Act. This bipartisan legislation includes a majority of Rep. Lucy McBath’s TRAIN Act, introduced last week. It also includes portions of the Adult Education WORKS Act, introduced in October. Additional sections of the bill are inspired by the CREATES Act, which was introduced by McBath earlier this week. The bill now heads to the full House for a vote on the floor.

“In my time in Congress, I have seen multiple bipartisan negotiations on workforce legislation fall apart, including for the WIOA reauthorization. When that happens, there are no winners, and the American people, those that we are sworn to serve, lose the most,” said McBath. “With this bill, we are showing the American people that there are who are willing to engage in good faith to improve our economy and support our workers. I am proud that my provisions were included in the final bill—the TRAIN Act, the Adult Education WORKS Act, and the CREATES Act—all of which help improve and modernize our education and workforce systems to adapt to a changing economy and meet the needs of students, employers, and employees alike. Once again, I applaud the Chair and the Ranking Member for helping us come together on this important issue.”

A Stronger Workforce for America Act (H.R. 6655)

H.R. 6655, led by Ranking Member Scott (VA-03) and Chair Foxx (NC-05), makes critical updates to Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act programs—the backbone of our workforce development system—that will expand and improve skills development, strengthen connections between employers and the workforce system, and put more Americans on the pathway to a successful career.

“[The bill] will ensure that workers displaced from their jobs can access robust development services, including through individual training accounts. It creates an emphasis on employer-led initiatives that equip workers with the skillsets they need to fill jobs in critical industries and help the currently employed workforce upskill to avoid displacement and advance their careers. And, finally, it streamlines the eligible training provider list to ensure programs are aligned with the skills and hiring demands and that state and local workforce boards are held accountable for achieving positive outcomes for program participants,” said Ranking Member Scott.

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