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"Yours was the first among your three predecessors to proactively respond to my request for assistance, that is, the fourth Representative I contacted and the only one to respond. Your assistance put me in touch with a manager of a federal agency who explained the reasons behind the lack of service; acknowledged my complaint; agreed with my observations; and pledged to try and work out the issues. I visited the manager and thanked her personally and reminded her it was Lucy McBath's office which took the time to contact all of us."
- John J. from Dunwoody, GA

"I was not able to find a way on my own to get re-instated to Medicare Part B. I contacted Representative McBath's office and her staff responded. They were extremely knowledgeable about Medicare issues and facilitated getting my Part B restored. They were persistent in following up with me and with agency staff and kept on my case until it was resolved. It would not have happened without their efforts. Now, I have the insurance I need to continue my health care. I am very grateful and very impressed with the quality of the Congresswoman's office. She and her staff provide outstanding constituent service!"
- Linda A. from Marietta, GA

"Your office was a huge help in following up with the different entities we were applying with for disaster aid and reporting back along the way what you were finding out. Please continue to advocate in support of small businesses like mine."
- Greg A. from Marietta, GA

"As a direct result of the interest your office took to advocate on my behalf, my Medicare Part D coverage was correctly reinstated after 6 months without coverage. I lost coverage due to a clerical error made by Social Security in January 2020. After months of unsuccessful attempts with Social Security and Medicare to get the issue resolved, I approached your office for help. My request was immediately recognized and your staff reached out to help me. They patiently listened to the details of my situation and immediately went to work resolving the issue. I am convinced that without the involvement of your office, I would remain without prescription coverage today and possibly forever. I can not thank you enough for your help in this matter."
- Vickie M. from Marietta, GA

"Your office was able to resolve a problem with Medicare, who owed me money for an overpayment of my premiums. Not only did I get a refund of what I thought was owed, your inquiry caused them to find that they owed me additional money. I hadn't been able to get anywhere when I tried to get the problem resolved myself. Your office got results so quickly!"
- Barbara R. from Sandy Springs, GA

"Rep. McBath's staff absolutely and unequivocally helped me obtain the SBA loan I needed. I had applied for the PPP and was passed over on the initial round of loans. Since I am an orthopedic surgeon and I was intent on helping those patients who were injured, who also wanted to avoid COVID-19 exposure at the emergency rooms, I needed to keep my office open and my fantastic staff employed. I would like to thank Rep. McBath for her help and her staff in particular for helping me, my employees and the constituents in her district as well as many other patients whom we treat."
- Craig W. from Marietta, GA

"The office was of great assistance with an ongoing case with the Department of Veterans Affairs. My caseworker was helpful and the office was able to come to my aide with a disability claim."
- Maurice C. from Marietta, GA

"I was waiting 3 weeks to hear from my lender on my PPP loan. I contacted Congresswoman McBath’s office for help, and 90 minutes later learned my loan had been approved."
- James H. from Milton, GA

"Once I started developing health issues and depression from a lack of dental treatment and disregard from the VA dental clinic, I knew I had to find help. I would like to thank your staff. They were caring, empathetic, and pleasant. Please keep up the good work because not just veterans but others as well really need your office and your wonderful staff."
- Ruby S. from Atlanta, GA

"Your office got us in touch with someone from the Social Security Administration within a day who was able to fully resolve our issues. My caseworker was helpful and responsive, and followed up to make sure everything was successfully resolved."
- Alysia W. from Roswell, GA

"Your office contacted the Department of Veterans Affairs for my 91 year old father's request for aid and attendance benefits. Thanks to your office, the VA expedited my father's case and granted him maximum benefits. Your staff were very helpful, polite, courteous, extremely encouraging, and professional."
- Harold G. from Roswell, GA

"Your office located a $70,000 face value financial instrument that had been mishandled by the USPS system and was missing for nearly a month. I called on you when all of my USPS contacts failed."
- William F. from Dunwoody, GA

"You were able to cut through the red tape at OPM with one call! Mom died in May of 2019, but money kept being added to her checking account after she passed. OPM got monthly calls from me, but the money was never adjusted or returned to my elderly dad. All has been corrected! Your office was so very helpful, even checking in to ask how things were going. You were absolutely terrific to deal with!
- Jane L. from Marietta, GA

"You helped with obtaining my DD214 in time for me to close on the purchase of a home through the VA loan program. My caseworker was extremely helpful and got the paperwork to us. Thanks, and keep up the good work."
- Wayne K. from Atlanta, GA

"My small business applied for an EIDL loan in early April. Three weeks later, we had heard nothing. I contacted your office and spoke with your casework team. Less than a week after my call, the EIDL funds were deposited. That same day I called to thank my caseworker in your office, and said I was not sure what y'all had done, but the results were prompt and greatly appreciated. Your staff did an outstanding job, were very pleasant, informed, and genuinely helpful. I felt my caseworker took a personal interest, which is rare in today's world. Thank you again, and keep up the good work. In fact, I shared the success story with a neighbor tenant and friend in our office complex yesterday, and recommended she call the office."
- Douglas H. from Sandy Springs, GA

"We are a small business and we were having a challenge with the Bank of America approving our PPP loan application. The staff was able to look into the matter and as a result, we were approved for a PPP loan within a week. We really appreciate your assistance and how accessible your staff have been through this process."
- Christopher B. from Dunwoody, GA

"I am a US Army Infantry veteran. In the Army I experienced tens of thousands of rifle fire rounds and other loud noises with no hearing protections and I have severe hearing loss. My VA provided hearing aids ceased working. It was impossible to reach the VA to make an appointment. After I contacted your office, I had an appointment set up almost immediately. Now I can hear, and the VA has me scheduled to come in for a fitting and setup of the new model, which has recently come out. "
- Charles P. from Dunwoody, GA

"My daughter had been repeatedly denied approval for a necessary medication by our insurance company. We escalated our appeal to the OPM. Representative McBath's office was extremely helpful in acting as an intermediary between me and OPM. After a six-month battle, we were successful in getting the denial overturned. The medication has been approved for two years."
- Stephanie from Tucker, GA

"I was required to retire from the Navy in July, 2010 due to a RIF. Before this I had transferred my Post - 9/11 GI Bill to my daughter. When I recently checked on my benefits I noticed that my Post - 9/11 GI Bill had not been transferred due to extended service requirements. In other words, NAVPERS did not get the word that I had been forced to retire. Rep. McBath was able to promptly clarify the situation and get my Post - 9/11 GI Bill benefits transferred to my daughter."
- Herbert from Brookhaven, GA

"In April of 2016, SSA discontinued the disability benefits I had been receiving since 2006. It took nearly three years to bring my case before a judge. During that time, I did not receive monthly benefits or health insurance. Three months after the hearing, I found out the judge ruled in my favor. SSA would reinstate my benefits, health insurance,and provide back payments. When I learned this could take six months to process, I panicked. Over the three years, I had accumulated credit card debt to cover my living expenses, and my parents helped make my car payments. I had absolutely no idea that I could contact my local representative to help me with Social Security Issues. When a friend mentioned it to me, I filled out the form on Representative McBath's website. I was contacted immediately. In two days,her team fixed what I had been fighting for over three years. When I ran into additional issues a few months later, I reached out and again, her team solved the problems. I am truly grateful for Representative McBath's help with resolving my issues with the Social Security Administration."
- Jennifer from Alpharetta, GA

"Everyone was extremely helpful."
- Jessie M. from Marietta, GA
"The office was extremely helpful in getting my 2019 tax return delay taken care of. The staff were very good and extremely helpful with everything."
- William F. from Brookhaven, GA
"The office did a great job helping me get a passport. Your staff are a valuable asset."
- John M. from Milton, GA
"Your office was able to expedite my family's passports that were in limbo due to COVID-19 for an upcoming family trip to Mexico. Your staff did an outstanding job and went above and beyond to expedite our passports with the passport agency."
- Matthew R. from Roswell, GA
"We contacted your office for assistance in obtaining a passport renewal. I was concerned I needed my passport for an August business trip, and was concerned it would not arrive in time. The Department of State's limited staffing, large backlog of renewals, and their delayed phased opening would delay receipt of my passport. Your office was able to contact the Department and expedite the processing of our passports. Your office proved to be exceptional in resolving my issue and concerns. Thank you to all of your team. I look forward to you serving our needs for many years!"
- Casey C. and Jenny C. from Roswell, GA
"Your office successfully worked with the State Dept to get my passport renewal completed and provided excellent service! You all are rockstars!"
- David G. from Brookhaven, GA
"The office was fast, complete, concerned, and solved my case in a matter that not only helped me, but will also help all other military retirees in our district. We are fortunate to have you, and your staff is well experienced in solving cases that deal with military. The military experience of those on your team is so valued because they have served our nation with honor. The can-do attitude and enthusiasm are highly contagious. Thank you."
- Joe H. from Marietta, GA
"Lucy McBath's office was excellent and the team was great in handling our case. Very attentive and efficient. Thank you so much for your help. We will definitely be supporting our Congresswoman again in the future."
- Tracy N. from Roswell, GA
"I e-filed in March 2020. The IRS website acknowledged that the return was received, but the refund was not issued. Your staff did an outstanding job contacting the IRS on my behalf and following up with the Tax Payer Advocate. On July 9th I received my refund. I am sure it will not take me long to spend the money!"
- Wendy L. from Marietta, GA
"The office helped me by applying pressure on the Small Business Administration to look at my EIDL reconsideration. The staff are amazing."
- Hootan S. from Roswell, GA
"I am so pleased with the help I received. We applied for my children's passports in March and only after reaching out for assistance through Congresswoman McBath's office, we finally received them. Your staff were a pleasure to talk to and extremely helpful."
- Priscilla C. from Roswell, GA
"We were told that the passport office was at least 6 months backed up and there was no chance of expediting. My daughter's dream GAP year in Israel was threatened. I reached out to you via email asking if there was ANYTHING you could do to help us. Your staff called me the next day, were so attentive, and had such a great phone manner. They assured me that your office would look into it, couldn't promise anything, but would certainly try. Within days I got a call back saying that my daughter's passport had been processed and will be mailed to us shortly. We were ecstatic If not for your office, I don't know what would have happened - I do know we would not be as thrilled and celebratory as we are today!"
- Marni K. from Marietta, GA

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