Rep. Lucy McBath has submitted funding requests to the House Appropriations Committee for community projects in the Sixth District.

Under guidelines issued by the Appropriations Committee, each Representative may request funding for projects in their community for fiscal year 2022. Additional information on the reforms governing Community Project Funding is available here.

MARTA-Brookhaven Station Rehabilitation

Amount: $1,000,000

Recipient and Address: Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

2424 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, GA, 30324

Project Description: The Station Rehabilitation program was created to replace aging materials within the stations that, while maintained, have reached the end of their useful life or to replace with better, more modern materials that are easier to maintain and safer for our patrons. The use of Taxpayer dollars within the Station Rehabilitation program is a good use of public funds as the stations were originally designed and constructed with taxpayer dollars, maintained over the years with taxpayer dollars and now with public-facing areas within the station being replaced and upgraded for the use by the taxpayers with the taxpayers funds.

With the station having a ‘face-lift’ of all forward-facing areas to the public, it will provide a fresh look for MARTA and mass transit at all stations. This along with proposed new railcars coming in a few years will provide riders with a more modern riding experience. This may increase ridership throughout the region stimulating economic growth.

Signed Certification Letter

Cumberland CID-Paces Mill/Palisades Rehabilitation

Amount: $1,000,000.00

Recipient and Address: Cumberland CID

1100 Circle 75 Pkwy #1000, Atlanta, GA 30339

Project Description: The Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID) encompasses one of the largest commercial real estate submarkets in the southeast. It also is home to more than 840 acres of the National Park Service’s Chattahoochee National Recreation Area (CRNRA).  This greenspace “an area equivalent to New York’s Central Park“ is a critical natural resource in this rapidly urbanizing area. The Cumberland CID has two CRNRA parks within the District: Cochran Shoals and the Paces Mill/Palisades Park Units.

The renovations proposed by the CCID and the CRNRA will include a new visitor contact station, improved river access points, trails enhancements, and much more. These upgrades to the Park Unit will be the first time the Unit has been renovated since the 1970’s. Our community supports these enhancements and the investments will continue to build on the NPS’s legacy of conserving the unimpaired natural and cultural resources today and for generations to come.

The Paces Mill/Palisades Unit project represents a collaborative effort of the National Park Service/CRNRA and the Cumberland CID. Both parties are excited about the Paces Mill/Palisades Park Unit rehabilitation and confident it will provide an important natural resource to the community and an enhanced visitor experience for many years to come.

Signed Certification Letter

City of Alpharetta-Public Safety Fire Station Alerting

Amount: $250,000

Recipient and Address: City of Alpharetta

2 Park Plaza, Alpharetta, Georgia, 30009

Project Description: This project would provide funds for the purchase of a PURVIS’ Fire Station Alerting System for the city of Alpharetta. This system is an IP-based alerting solution designed to automate the process of alerting fire and rescue personnel, enhance communications, and decrease response times. Its rich features and functionality proactively support the day-to-day operations and environmental health, comfort, and safety of first responders. This system integrates seamlessly with computer-aided dispatch systems (CAD) and can automatically and instantaneously deliver incident details in a way that is tailored to the needs of fire and rescue personnel. The PURVIS FSAS provides:  This project will provide essential services to the people of Alpharetta, including:

  • Improved response times through streamlined dispatch communications and reliable alert delivery;
  • Reduced stress on first responders through automated heart-friendly, zone specific alerts;
  • Accurate incident alerting through a variety of devices;
  • High system reliability and availability through real-time monitoring and built-in redundancy; and
  • An NFPA-compliant system to keep you within recommended guidelines.

Purvis Fire Station alerting was purchased and installed by the City of Milton Fire Department. A component of Milton’s investment is useable by Alpharetta (network servers and switches, dispatch software interface, software licenses) and lowers our required investment (reflected in the funding request). Specifically, Alpharetta’s investment is now limited to the hardware installed at each Fire Station.

Signed Certification Letter

Georgia Council on Substance Abuse-Peer Support Specialist

Amount: $27,760.00

Recipient and Address: Georgia Council on Substance Abuse

2310 Parklake Drive Suite 540, Atlanta, GA, 30345

Project Description:  This project will fund a volunteer Coordinator job for the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse.

Volunteer Coordinator Job Description:

  • Recruits volunteer staff to fit these roles using a variety of resources and techniques.
  • Gathers information about each volunteer’s skills, availability, and goals; matches volunteers with appropriate opportunities based on this data.
    Schedules, coordinates, and assigns volunteers to appropriate departments, supervisors, and/or mentors.
  • Regularly communicates with volunteers to ensure placement is a good fit for individual’s skills and goals.
  • Maintains files, records, applications, and other data concerning volunteer programs.
    Drafts, maintains, and publishes guidelines, best practices, and procedures for volunteer program.
  • Coordinates volunteer recognition and appreciation events and activities.
    Performs other related duties as required.

Project Description: Currently, the meetings are being supported by staff of GCSA on a voluntary basis. The plan is to use this funding to allow a designated Volunteer Coordinator to incorporate strategic planning tools that will empower volunteers to continue to support the All-Recovery meetings. This Volunteer Coordinator position will serve to coordinate scheduling and participation from people who regularly attend virtual meetings. Many individuals attending meetings are currently involved in In-patient and outpatient programs as well as Accountability Court programs. Peers use these meetings as a way of becoming integrated into their communities after being in active addiction and alcoholism. Peers connect with each other and support each other in these “rooms”. Individuals help one another navigate life after using substances. This process instills hope in people and helps them see that they are not defined by past behaviors. Peers are empowered to make good decisions, which includes but is not limited to, finding jobs, paying taxes, becoming registered to vote, restoring family relationships, and giving back to the community.

Signed Certification Letter

City of Doraville-Small and Local Business Facade Improvement Grants

Amount: $250,000

Recipient and Address: City of Doraville

3725 Park Ave, Atlanta, GA 30340

Project Description: This program is intended to assist property owners and tenants with improvements of the aesthetics of their business establishment in order to help revitalize Doraville by strengthening our local businesses. This program is not intended to support repairs or standard maintenance but would be available for exterior painting; landscaping; window, door, and storefront improvements; lighting; and upgraded signs. The focus will be on ensuring quality materials are utilized and that projects enhance the visual appearance of the property fronting the street or other public space.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has noted that commercial building improvements resulted in:

  • an increase of sales in the year the improvements were made as well as sustained increased sales for several more years,
  • attracting new businesses and shoppers to the area,
  • promoting additional improvements by the participants, and
  • encouraging neighboring properties to make improvements.

Funding would be allocated in the form of grants that would provide up to 50% of the estimated cost of the work, up to $25,000. Grants will be available to any small/local businesses as well as property owners with tenants who are small business owners.

Signed Certification Letter

City of Chamblee-Dresden Park Community Improvements, Phase 1

Contact: Jodie Gilfillan | (470) 395-2341 

Amount: $867,637.00

Program Description: Dresden Park is a 25-acre park developed and maintained by DeKalb County, Georgia until it was transferred to the City of Chamblee in 2016 a few years after the property was annexed into the city. The aging facility includes a playground, walking path, restrooms, parking, and gazebo. Currently, it serves as a community park for area residents.

The City of Chamblee completed a Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan in 2018, complete with community input. It was noted that the parking was not sufficient for current amenities at the park. In addition to adding more parking, the creation of a master plan was recommended.

The Dresden Park Master Plan, commissioned by the City of Chamblee and completed with community input in 2019, includes design plans for a destination facility that will attract local residents and regional park users. The plan calls for a face lift and new additions to the park, including an amphitheater and covered stage, three soccer fields, four pitch fields, pavilion, additional restrooms, dog park, pathway that connects to other path systems in the city, and multi-use sport court. The multi-use court is a court with enclosed fencing around its perimeters, creating a space for fast-paced sports action whether users want to play basketball, soccer, volleyball, or a multitude of other sports. It will be the first of its kind in the southeast. You can find an example of one here: The pitch fields allow for users to set a net at the appropriate height to play either volleyball, badminton, tennis, or pickleball.

The addition of these fields, including the three soccer fields, will allow for residents to play for fun, through organized leagues, and in tournament play. The soccer fields can host soccer, football, and lacrosse tournaments, as well as cheerleading competitions, drawing individuals and families from the Metro Atlanta region and beyond. With so many planned amenities, parking is a must to ensure all visitors can participate in tournaments, games, and recreational time at Dresden Park. The planned parking improvements will also correct the irrigation and drainage issues associated with the current layout and grade of the area parking lot area. Therefore the parking lot expansion and improvements are the focus of Phase 1 for the Dresden Park Community Improvements. (There is no reason to add additional features when the current parking is not suitable for the park as it stands today, hence phase 1 being the parking lot expansion.)

Funding is requested to hire a contracting firm to design and construct the expanded parking lot and associated features.

The Georgia Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (2017-2021) affirms the many benefits of parks for the communities they serve. The plan highlights strategic action statements, two of which align with the reasons Chamblee is working to update Dresden Park. (1) The plan states that parks reinforce the connection between health, quality of life, and outdoor recreation at all levels of local government. When it comes to economic impact, parks support and maintain Georgia’s outdoor recreation resources so that we remain attractive to new business and industry, draw tourists across our borders, and grow our tax base.

Signed Certification Letter

City of Roswell-Chattahoochee River:  Ace Sand Riverbank Restoration and Floodplain Protection Project

Contact: Jeff Leatherman | (770) 641-3705

Amount: $6,533,917

Project Description: The River Parks system stretches approximately 6 miles of the Chattahoochee River and supports hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to enjoy river-oriented recreation including high school and collegiate rowing teams, recreational boating, paddling and floating, fishing, walking, running, bike riding, bike commuting, community events and passive and active park use and visitation.  The River Parks Master Plan envisions a complete restoration of the existing Roswell River Park system which is over 40 years old.  As one of the largest locally managed river front parks between Buford Dam at Lake Sidney Lanier and the Morgan Falls Dam at Bull Sluice Lake the Roswell River Parks are a destination enjoyed by the entire metro Atlanta region and beyond. 

The Ace Sand site was a former sand and gravel mining site which operated on the Chattahoochee River for several decades.  The City of Roswell acquired the site in 1999 from the Threatt family and was subsequently leased for an ongoing sand and gravel mining operation until 2016.  In 2020, the City began the design process for the site which was consistent with the community supported 2016 River Parks Master Plan.  The Ace Sand project area currently provides very limited public access with a dirt parking lot and rudimentary trail access through the site connecting the River Park system to the east and west of the project area.

The Ace Sand Riverbank Restoration and Floodplain Protection project is a major component of the City’s River Parks Master Plan. It is also a major link to the Chattahoochee River Lands Vision and Community Project recently completed in conjunction with the Atlanta Regional Commission, Trust for Public Lands and various local, state and federal stakeholders (  

The Ace Sand project includes a combination of river bank protection; stream bed enhancements; stormwater management; invasive species management; native plant enhancements; children’s education through a stormwater educational play area; a fitness trail loop to promote health and wellness in our community; and a building for community gathering, special events and educational opportunities.

Signed Certification Letter

City of Roswell-New 911 Emergency Communications Call Center/ Emergency Operations Center

Amount: $5,500,000

Recipient and Address: City of Roswell

38 Hill St, Roswell, GA 30075

Project Description: The City of Roswell are in the planning stages for a new Emergency Communications Center and Emergency Operations Center. The objective of this project is to evaluate, develop, recommend, and design options for the construction of a new 911 Call Center / Emergency Operations on site at 39 Hill St, Roswell, GA.  It is estimated that the new facility should be at least 15,000 sq ft to meet current and future needs. (This structure can be two stories to accommodate the square footage request).

A technology assessment was conducted in 2016 by an outside consultant confirming the existing Center is vulnerable to a natural or man-made disaster, is not adhering to the national standards (NFPA 1221, FEMA 360) for an emergency 911 center and emergency operations center.  A 911 Center is a mission critical function serving the citizens of the City of Roswell and its operations are vital in a continuous, uninterrupted manner.  It is in the best interest of the City to construct a new building that is built with the appropriate standards to ensure continuity of operations.

Signed Certification Letter

City of Alpharetta – Bus Shelter Construction

Amount: $150,000.00

Recipient and Address: City of Alpharetta

2 Park Plaza, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Project Description: This project installs two (2) new bus shelters in Downtown Alpharetta at existing bus stops. One on Haynes Bridge Road by the library; and a second on Main Street near Marietta Street.  Designs will complement those installed by the North Fulton CID.

This project enhance transit operations around the Downtown Alpharetta activity center. Transit investment within the Downtown activity center complements improvements throughout the area which have created an active walkable environment. Additional Bus shelters make MARTA bus service a more attractive transportation option for both those relying on transit as the only option as well as those making transit their transportation option of choice.

Signed Certification Letter

Dekalb County-Pleasantdale Road Pedestrian Improvements

Amount: $600,000

Recipient and Address: Dekalb County

1300 Commerce Drive Decatur, GA 30030 

Project Description: Pleasantdale Road is a four-lane highway with a continuous center turn lane.  The 1.8-mile section of road from I-85 to South Norcross Tucker Road has numerous condo/apartment complexes, MARTA bus stops, a park, and an elementary school. Many students walk to Pleasantdale Elementary school.  However, there are currently no safe pedestrian crossings on this corridor. The project will construct a traffic signal at the combined driveway for Pleasantdale Park and Pleasantdale Elementary School. Two other pedestrian crossings will have pedestrian hybrid beacons that will allow for protected crossing of the roadway.

The project will improve safety by providing protected pedestrian crossings on this 1.8-mile corridor where there are currently no dedicated pedestrian crossings. The project will also provide better connectivity to transit, an elementary school, and a park for the many citizens who live on this roadway corridor.

Signed Certification Letter

This year, the House Appropriations Committee announced a new Community Project Funding initiative that will allow individual Members of Congress to request that federal funds go towards projects and programs that will address the needs facing the communities they represent. Community Funding Projects will be limited to state, local, and tribal governments; publicly owned entities; and certain non-profit entities with a quasi-government purpose.

Additional information on project eligibility and the appropriations process can be found here:

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